horse and buggy

Horses whinnied, wagons rattled, children laughed, neighbors greeted neighbors, and meal was ground by water's edge at a small grist mill owned and operated by Noah and Sarah Black of Dawsonville, Georgia.

Time passed. Cars replaced horse drawn wagons. Children became parents and then grandparents; lifelong friends and neighbors moved away. The mill was closed and almost forgotton. Years rolled by and new families moved into the area. Dawson County grew by leaps and bounds and another elementary school was needed. This new school would be a place where the importance of citizenship as well as reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, art, music, technology, media science, guidance, and physical education would be taught to children.

The long forgotten mill was remembered. This once productive business community would become productive again. Construction of Black's Mill Elementary School began on August 11, 1997, with a ground breaking ceremony. Construction of the building was begun soon after by the Charles Black Construction Company. Only one year later, Black's Mill Elementary School opened its state-of-the-art facility to 573 excited students and teachers. This new "bear cub" family started the school year with finishing touches being put on the building, but with excitement and determination to make 1998-99 a fantastic school year. The daughter of the original landowners sanctioned the school colors. Mrs. Otwell chose green and gold: "green for everything above the earth and gold for everything beneath the earth."

The mill area is once again productive and graced with the laughter of children, neighbors greeting neighbors, and movement toward the future.

As in years gone by, the people of the Black's Mill Community are once again "millin' around down at the mill."


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