M is for . . . Music!

"Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit 
lives, thinks, and invents. " 

Ludwig van Beethoven

 Music is a key factor in living, thinking, and inventing creatively.  The goal during music class is to make music come alive in every student and foster students' inner creativity. Special music activities include Kindergarten musicals, Performances by members of the Music Club, recorder study for 4th grade students, composer of the month study for grades 1-5, and the "Wall of Stardom" for superstar behavior.

Tips for music class are: 

  • Be Responsible - Remembering your iPad coming into and leaving class and getting/putting up your own materials, asking questions when you don't understand
  • Encourage Others - cheering someone on or being a good sport when you don't "win" at every activity
  • A+ Attitude - Trying even when it is challenging
  • Respect Everyone and Everything - Treating all students (including themselves), staff, and equipment respectfully