Beehive Bee Club

Beehive Bee Club

Several 2nd Graders will be selected through an application process to become Beehive Bees and assist in the Beehive (the library).  

Responsibilities to include checking books in, straightening shelves, deliveries to classrooms, cleaning up lesson areas, shelving, and more!  Once per week each Bee will be required to work in the Hive for 15 minutes during recess.

Congratulations to our selected Bees
For September and October!

Mrs. Leonard's Homeroom

Eisley Mackey
Corey Martin
Rinku Patel
Tristan Cantrell

Congratulations to our selected Bees 
For November and December!

Mrs. Sperin's Homeroom

Thaili Arenallo De Los Santos
Laithen Mills
Levi King
Bryn Goode

Congratulations to our selected Bees 
For January and February!

Mrs. Stephens' Homeroom

Nathan Morris
Randy Knoell
Brooklee Cantrell
Ami Tucker