Faculty Advisor : Donny Jordan

Black’s Mill Elementary School Stock Market Team Makes History......AGAIN!


            Black’s Mill Elementary has continued the tradition of incorporating economics in the elementary school setting. In the 6th year since Mr. Jordan has had the wonderful opportunity to run the stock market team, they have accomplished another historic goal (please see below). All of the teams learned about the stock market, had fun, and it was profitable (in more ways than one). Mr. Jordan appreciates Mr. Higgins team leadership in the previous years.

The BMES Stock market team participates in a statewide 10-week stock simulation game presented by the Georgia Council for Economic Education. All teams were able to play for free thanks to the generosity of Bank of America. Each team was setup with an online account and given $100,000 (play money) to buy and sell stocks for 10 weeks. They were also allowed to borrow another $100,000 (margin) at a small interest rate. There is a Fall game and a Spring game.


We had 3 teams participate in the Fall 2016 game and 3 in the Spring 2017 game. In the FALL 2016 game, we had great results. Out of 2,528 elementary, middle and high schools teams, we finished 264th, 131st, and 17th in the state. We were also the #1 elementary school in the state AGAIN (2 years in a row). We won't mention the Spring 2017 results.
This year's GCEE banquet was held at the Georgia Railroad Freight Depot in downtown Atlanta in May.. We took several pictures with the State Superintendent, Dr. Woods, among other dignitaries. Mrs. Nicole Lecave also accompanied us on our trip, which made it an even greater experience for the kids. The DCBOE also recognized our team with a resolution earlier in the year, which was a GREAT honor. All team members were able to go to the banquet and it was a rewarding experience for them. The first picture is the winning team. The second pic is the entire team.


Donny Jordan            

Stock Market

Stock Market