All About Bear Dens


Welcome to the Home of the Black’s Mill Bears!

What is a Black’s Mill B.E.A.R.?

This is our character education initiative that we practice at Black’s Mill Elementary. Through this initiative, we build a strong since of community between our student body and our Black’s Mill Family by showing positive character education traits. 

Each member of our Black’s Mill student body and faculty are randomly assigned to a BEAR Den Family.  Several times throughout the year, the school will host a Den Lunch where the BEAR dens get to eat together as a group. Throughout the year, the students and staff will participate in Den meetings to promote positive B.E.A.R. behaviors and character education traits. This initiative also encourages community services projects that the school participates in.         

Pledge to be a B.E.A.R.

Be Positive: Have a winning attitude, and find the good in others and the things you do.

Exceed Expectations: Always try your hardest to do and be the best you can be.

Accept Responsibility: Tell the truth, complete work neatly and on time, admit mistakes.

Respect Others: Treat others as you wish to be treated, and use good manners.

Students are encouraged each day to show a BEAR attitude.
By Being positive, Exceeding expectations, Accepting responsibility and Respecting others. Our BEAR dens encourage this positive attitude. Points will be awarded for showing a BEAR attitude.